Supply Chain

We have successfully streamlined the supply chains and are able to highlight any supply issues in advance. have a lot of global warehousing capability at a time where clients are trying to reduce stock and have fast call-off


We collate and keep updated all requisite quality and regulatory documents, required by the clients and can be one point of contact for a wide range of products consolidated through us


We are committed to working with ethical and environmental suppliers, which provide highest trust and enable better traceability


We offer a consolidation service to our pharma clients. We purchase, warehouse, invoice, and deliver the items that are purchased infrequently or in small amounts, or large transactions. This allows a reduced workload for the customer’s planners enabling them to focus on more strategic tasks

Cost Effective

We provides cost benefits to the customer, both in fixed costs for raw materials, or insulting against the price fluctuation, cost savings associated with being able to streamline staffing within the customers own procurement departments

Wide Network

We have network of a large numbers of suppliers and manufacturers, and our long-standing relationships with them

Technical Knowledge

Coupled with technical expertise and regulatory know-how, we can take on the products that often occupy the time of procurement teams