We support education empowerment and inclusivity & Sustainability

We recognize the importance of the role we can play in supporting worthy causes across the world.

Having the ability to invest in sustainable environmental and social wellbeing is an important part of our attitude to business as well as helping to reinforce our values. We are focusing our efforts on initiatives that revolve around education, empowerment and inclusivity and sustainability. These complement our existing goals which amongst others focus on environmental-friendly support and equal opportunities for our staff and external contacts.

Sustainable Sourcing Program

We are committed for Sustainable Sourcing Program to guarantee the safety and wellbeing of the communities involved in our supply chain and conserve biodiversity.

We also support and grow a network that includes our local suppliers, public institutions and NGOs. We endeavor to listen to our local stakeholders’ needs and – as our local projects show – respond to the best that we can.

Professional skill development

We support and motivate our employees through advanced training, enhancing each person’s professional experience and skills according to their specific needs and talents. We put a special focus on developing the potential of young people with an excellent academic background.